How Long is Industrial Design Protection in Turkey?

The term of protection of the registered designs in Turkey is 5 years from the date of application. The term of protection may be extended up to 25 years in every 5-years renewal period.

What is the Difference Between the Designer and the Person Claiming Registration Right?

Any may claim for design right. The holder of design right is who manufactures, markets, sells, contracts and uses the design commercially. The designer is the person who actually made the design.

What is Multiple Application? What are the Provisions for Multiple Application?

The multiple application is the claim for protection for more than one design in a single application. In order to make multiple application, the products should; belong to the same sub-class, or belong to the same set, or peaces of unfield product or be compounded with aggregately perceived multiple objects and presentations.

Which Documents are Required for the Finalization of the Application Date for the Registration of the Industrial Design?

The protection of the registered design commences upon the finalisation of the application date. If the documents specified below are submitted during application stage, the date of application shall be such date and if the same has not been submitted, the date on which the documents are completed shall be the finalised application date. The documents are as follows: The form of application in the contents of which the ID data of the applicant are included.

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