What is an Invention?

An invention is defined as the solution to a specific technical problem. The concept of 'invention' forms the basis of the patent law. The inventions are protected through the patent / utility model certificate for the purpose of encouraging the invention activities and the attaining technical, economic and social progresses by means of application such invention to the industrial sectors.

What is Patent?

Patent, granted to the inventor for an invention, is one of the industrial property rights and it grants the right to prevent the production, utilisation or sale of the invention by others without permission of the inventor.

What is Utility Model?

The utility model is a system which provides protection of the novel not only in Turkey but also all through the world and industrially applicable inventions. The procedures for the issuance of a utility model certificate are much more convenient than the patent certificates in terms of time and expenses. It has been considered that the simple and inexpensive procedural proceedings for utility models may encourage especially the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions to make an invention and apply such inventions to the industry. Besides, particularly today, there exists a risk for the imitation of the inventions realised by the small and medium scale industrialists by the competitors in almost the same manner. Even if an invention is small and modest, the issuance of the utility model certificate for such an invention will serve as protection of the SMEs and their perpetuation economically.

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