Ms. Berna Asker who was originally from Çanakkale, was born in Erzincan. After completing her primary and secondary school education located in such diverse cities as Erzincan, Ankara and Bursa, she graduated from Bursa Meriç Anatolian High School in 2013. She started her law education in Faculty of Law of Istanbul University in 2013 and graduated with honors in 2017. Now in addition to work as an intern lawyer at Ata Patent Inc., she is admitted to İstanbul Bar Associations in order to complete her legal internship there.

During her university years, she was involved in a variety of associations and student organizations in the field of law such as International Law Club, Boğaziçi Lawyers Association, Career Law Association, internship in Capital Markets Board conference and symposium.

Having been able to go abroad several times until today, Ms. Berna is well aware of the English language and continues to develop herself in this regard in line with her career goals.

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