Founder of Ata Patent, Inc., Selcuk Akkas was born in Eregli, Konya, finished his first and secondary school education here and after that moved to Istanbul to study law. After graduating from Istanbul University Law School, he completed legal internship to qualify as an attorney at law in 1992.

He completed his obligatory military service as a military judge at the Military Court of Turkish Armed Forces in Ankara. Mr. Akkas started to work for Eczacibasi Ilaç Pazarlama, largest pharmaceutical company in Turkey, in 1994. He gained experience in business law and in intellectual and industrial property rights law here. He resigned in 1998 to move to the USA to improve his legal English and to study master’s degree. He lived in Houston, Texas from 1998 to 2006, studying Legal English courses and graduating a master’s degree on American and international law at Lone Star College. He returned to Turkey in 2006 and formed Ata Patent, Inc.

In addition to the above mentioned master’s degree, he worked as an intern at various American companies, University of Houston and Karadag Law Office in Houston to gain firsthand experience in business and international law.

Mr. Akkas represents hundreds of domestic and international companies for legal matters of intellectual property law, business law, and commercial law.

Specialization in trademarks

Mr. Akkas is one of the first lawyers specialized in trademarks in Turkey, filing hundreds of applications for registration of trademarks, defended his clients’ rights against objections, and followed other official formalities with Turkish Patent Institute. He also defended his client’s rights on cancellation of trademarks, unfair competition and violation of trademark rights.

Commercial Law

Mr. Akkas provides legal services on commercial and business law to all kinds of business entities. He provides consulting services, prepares draft investment agreements and provide legal services for incorporation formalities to foreign investors. At the same time, he provides legal consulting services to Turkish companies for investments they would do abroad.

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