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Design Patent Infringement in Turkey

Ata Patent has assembled an experienced group of Turkish IP litigation lawyers to help clients consult on design patent infringement in Turkey.

We also provide services for Turkish patent applications, registration, and protection such as IP litigation, appeal, opposition, cancellation, assignment, monitoring, search, and licensing. Our attorneys have experience successfully representing clients in court and at the negotiating table. We also have a strong track record of success in a full spectrum of IP law matters.

At Ata Patent, it is our firm philosophy to develop personal working relationships with our clients, which enables us to provide responsive and effective legal services. We work with clients to ascertain that our legal services are appropriate to their interests. We assist our clients in analyzing the risks, benefits, and costs associated with each legal transaction.

It is the goal of our firm members to provide timely and effective legal services in each legal matter for which we are retained. We pride ourselves on putting the interests of our clients where they should be – first and foremost.

Design Patent Infringement in Turkey

Design Patent Infringement and Penalties in Turkey

Imprisonment or fines shall be applied to those who make false statements in the fake capacity of the design right holder or those although not granted any authorization, who remove the signs on the goods or packages which evidence the design protection, or those who pretend that they are the applicant or the holder of any design right.

Although it is already known or should have been known that there never existed any proprietary right, those who transfer, issue, encumber or possess the licenses or any of the design rights or those who place any sign which may can not legally be protected right onto the goods/ packages/ commercial documents/ advertisements manufactured by themselves.

Any other person or put on sale in the case of expiration of the protection period or null design rights or cease of the rights arising from registered design are sentenced to imprisonment and fines. In addition to the imprisonment and fines, in the case of infringement of the design rights, the place of businesses of those are closed for not less than one year and they are prohibited from dealing with commercial activities within the stipulated period.

Is Turkish Industrial Design Registration Valid in the World?

Registration of any industrial design provides national protection to the holders. In other words, the protection through registration is valid only within the boundaries of the country of registration.

Therefore, if it is claimed to protect the design in more than one country, it is the best way to file an application to the offices in each of the countries where the protection is to be claimed, separately.

However, since it has been observed recently that any separate application to each of the offices in such countries has led to several problems in terms of different application processes and use of different languages, there established systems that provide protection in more than one country through a single application to be made.

For this specific purpose, The Hague Agreement Concerning International Deposit of Industrial Designs was put into effect in our country on January 01, 2005.

Turkish Intellectual Property Litigation

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