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PCT National Phase Entries in Turkey

Ata Patent has assembled an experienced group of Turkish patent lawyers to help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights, they also provide assistance in PCT National Phase Entries in Turkey.

Our Turkish patent lawyers provide a broad range of patent services including; Turkish patent application, registration, and protection such as intellectual property litigation, appeal, opposition, cancellation, assignment, monitoring, search, and licensing.

Our attorneys also represent our clients in PCT national phase entries in Turkey, European Patent validation, and patent annuities in Turkey.

PCT National Phase Entries in Turkey

PCT National Phase Entries in Turkey

A PCT application is the National Phase and can be filed in Turkey upon completion of the required documents. PCT applications entering into the national phase are not subject to search procedure since International Search Reports are readily accepted by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

After the expiration of the 30-month period, Turkish translation may be filed within a month by paying an additional fee. The entry into the national phase may be made belatedly within 3 months following the end of the 30-month period, upon payment of the official filing fee with a fine.

Applications entering into the national phase in Turkey under Chapter II are automatically prosecuted according to the patent system with (substantive) examination whereas for applications entering into the national phase in Turkey under PCT Chapter I, the applicant has the option to choose either of the patent systems.

The information and documents required for entering the national phase of a PCT application in Turkey are as follows:

  • Copies of the request form
  • International publication
  • International Search Report
  • International Preliminary Examination Report (with annexes if any)
  • Any notification of change forms, if any

In addition, we also require information as to how the applicant(s) obtained the right to apply for a patent from the inventor(s) for which no documentary evidence is required. The certified priority documents are not necessary.

No documents which should be executed by the applicant(s) and/or inventor(s), such as the power of attorney and deed of the assignment are required for filing a new patent application or entering the national phase of PCT application in Turkey.

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