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Trademark Search in Turkey

Ata Patent has assembled an experienced group of trademark attorneys in Turkey to help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, design patents, and utility models. We provide an online trademark search in Turkey before filing an application.

Ata Patent trademark attorneys have been providing advocacy and legal consultancy services regarding trademark application and registration and trademark cancellation, invalidity, and compensation cases with the experience and knowledge they have gained since 1996.

Our trademark services are; search, application, registration, assignment, renewals, refusals, and protection such as IP litigation, appeal, opposition, cancellation, infringement, monitoring, and IP licensing.

Trademark Search in Turkey

We Provide Trademark Search in Turkey Fast

One of the most important steps in the trademark registration procedure is to conduct an extensive trademark search in Turkey to identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks and as confirmation that your trademark is almost available for registration.

That’s why it is recommended as the first step in determining whether your trademark is available for use. Alternatively, you may conduct it by officially requesting from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Here, you may search for registered trademarks as well as published trademark applications in Turkey. A good trademark search that identifies potential conflicts includes existing trademarks in the Turkish market, company name registers, and pending trademark applications & registrations before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

When analyzing a trademark search report, it is important to take into consideration a number of factors to determine whether your mark is infringing on or likely to be confused with another trademark; such as similarity, company names, company services, classification, and degree of confusion likely to be exercised by the purchasers.

It is important to understand that a trademark search cannot provide you with a definitive “answer” as to whether or not your proposed trademark is available for use and registration. It does, however, arm you with information regarding potential risks associated with the mark which affect your decision in the use and registration of your mark, which, in turn, lead you to invest money for alternatives to save time.

It is also important to note that a trademark used or registered earlier in Turkey may also pose an obstacle to registration. The adoption of a trademark confusingly similar to a trademark currently in use by others may give rise to a claim for infringement and litigation.

Reach us for Trademark Search in Turkey

Since its foundation in 1996, Ata Patent has been the choice of numerous clients throughout the World. At Ata Patent, we partner with our clients to grow their businesses by protecting their intellectual property with strategic planning, customized and scalable solutions, and cost-effective project management.

We prosecute and maintain patents and trademarks across various industries and in multiple countries, and litigate in IP courts and before TPTO.

For a free consultation, you may reach our trademark attorneys for a trademark search in Turkey by sending an e-mail or through our Contact page.

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