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Turkish Patent Litigation

Ata Patent has assembled an expert team of Turkish patent litigation attorneys to help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights and patent litigation in Turkey including; Turkish patent application, registration, protection such as IP litigation, appeal, opposition, cancellation, assignment, monitoring, search, and licensing.

Our attorneys have experience successfully representing clients in court and at the negotiating table. We also have a strong track record of success in a full spectrum of IP law matters including Turkish patent litigation.

IP matters can be confusing, even for seasoned business owners. Ata Patent is here to cut through the complexity and offer guidance. We offer client-centric representation to a wide range of businesses and individuals, including those who are looking to secure their intellectual property or who are concerned about violating trademarks.

With the years of experience of our accomplished litigation attorneys, our firm has the ability to effectively represent our clients’ interests in a variety of Turkish patent litigation.

At Ata Patent, it is our firm philosophy to develop personal working relationships with our clients, which enables us to provide responsive and effective legal services. We work with our clients to ascertain that our legal services are appropriate to their interests.

Turkish patent litigation

Turkish Patent Litigation

Ata Patent’s IP Litigation section today carries on the traditions of over 30 years of courtroom practice, representing clients in a broad range of commercial and Patent Litigation in Turkey. The firm’s trial attorneys actively work to improve IP judiciary by participating as members of advisory committees to improve the speed and efficiency of the national courts.

Many of our firm’s Turkish patent litigation attorneys have previous professional experience that provides helpful insight into our clients’ needs and business practices. The firm’s Litigation section includes attorneys with prior government experience.

Patent Cancellation Law Suits in Turkey

Turkish Patent Cancellation Lawsuits

Patent cancellation lawsuits, the most common type of Turkish patent litigation, have several grounds. However, these cases are usually filed for reasons of prior usage or registration. Except for the reason of non-usage, the burden of proof is always on the plaintiff. The disclosure of evidence covering prior usage also becomes important before filing the lawsuit.

The partial or total invalidity of a registered IP right may be requested from the Civil IP Courts or other civil courts in the first instance where specialized courts have not yet been established. The competent court for these cases is that of the domicile of the defendant who is the owner of the registered IP right in question.

Turkish Patent Infringement Law Suits

Turkish Patent Infringement Law Suits

Ata Patent’s Turkish IP trial lawyers provide Turkish patent litigation. A registered patent owner may ask a Civil IP Court to make a judgment ordering the defendant to stop all infringing activities and make compensation for all damages.

The judgment of the IP Court may also include the confiscation and destruction of counterfeit products, along with machinery and other equipment used to produce the counterfeits. Interim injunctions may also be sought before or during civil infringement cases. The owner of the IP right may seek a preliminary ex parte injunction.

Evidence must be very strong to convince the judge to give such a decision without listening to the defendant. However, the courts mostly assign a special hearing date to give a decision on the interim injunction. It is almost impossible to receive an exparte injunction apart from in unquestionable patent infringement cases.

Reach us for Turkish Patent Litigation

Since its foundation in 1996, Ata Patent has been the choice of numerous clients throughout the World. At Ata Patent, we partner with our clients to grow their businesses by protecting their intellectual property with strategic planning, customized and scalable solutions, and cost-effective project management.

We prosecute and maintain patents and trademarks across a variety of industries and in multiple countries, and litigate in IP courts and before TPTO..

For a free consultation, you may reach our IP litigation attorneys for Turkish patent litigation by sending an e-mail or through our Contact page.

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